Guangzhou international convention

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 Service items
A.Russia massages the female
B.Miss Han Shi massage
C.The rose beautiful woman massages
D.Peaceful -like massage young lady
E.The byssus type massages the female
F.The massage visits to serve
G.Chinese type young lady visits
H.The student younger sister visits
The fine standard promotes has the male technician homosexuality service  
Female operator: Certain
1.The age 18-30, the standard spoken Chinese standard, language communication ability, has certain affinity.
2.Above height 1.55m, the health, the contour is pretty; Has the good communication ability, sense of responsibility.
3.The service realizes strongly, can defer to the office to need to complete professional completes each work.


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    guangzhou fair outcall sex massage full service

    The fair is the only Chinese import and export commodity trading platform, the basic necessities of life, as long as you want to buy everything, global business listing new export preferred. Fair sauna and massage center, is a convention center of the subordinate enterprises, Guangzhou beauty exchange platform, the Chinese and foreign beauty as you choose, Guangzhou sauna massage door-to-door service, store and door-to-door service combination the Canton Fair, to Guangzhou to find beauty, sauna and massage center invited

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